February 23 bargaining session recap

We are happy to post another update on contract negotiations. Our planned February 9 bargaining session was snowed out, so our only meeting with the Administration Negotiating Team (ANT) since our last update was held on Thursday, February 23.
At that meeting we brought three faculty proposals:
  • Article: Definitions (AAUP & ANT)  

     As mentioned last month, this is a relatively standard article that simply sets forth definitions of terms/groups/etc. that will be referenced in the contract. We proposed several additions to the list. We will continue to add to the article throughout the process.
  • Article: Appointments & Rank (AAUP)Status In this proposal (based largely on current handbook policy), we laid out descriptions of letters of appointment (and letters of continued appointment), appointment ranks, and rank criteria. Notably, we pushed the administration to commit to hiring more tenure-track faculty. The ANT had questions about several elements of the proposal (especially about hiring more tenure-track faculty) but agreed to continue the discussion at a future session.
  • Article: Personnel File (AAUP)Status In this proposal (based somewhat on current handbook policy) we described what can go into a faculty member’s file for promotion and tenure, and what must be restricted to a human resources file. There was confusion about nomenclature for each type of file so we agreed to bring a revised version to a future meeting.
The ANT brought no new proposals to the meeting nor had they prepared responses to our January 23rd proposals. We therefore asked to revisit a few of their proposals from the last meeting:
  • Article:  Management Rights (ANT)

     We proposed removing language that placed ownership of the curriculum in the administration’s, rather than the faculty’s, purview. Likewise, we p
    roposed removing language that gave them control of scheduling, assigning, etc., of classes. We also asked them to modify their proposal to acknowledge the role of faculty- and department-governance in maintaining the Faculty Handbook, and in determining criteria for hiring faculty positions.
  • Article:  Discipline (ANT)Status  We asked the ANT to insert language that would clarify when a faculty member has been officially warned. They understood our request and agreed to amend that language and bring a revised proposal to a future session.
  • Article:  No Strike/Lockout (ANT)Status We informed the ANT that we would not agree to this proposal. Strikes and lockouts are already prohibited by NH statute and therefore do not need to be addressed in a contract.
We plan to meet with the administration three times this month, March 9, 16, and 30.

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