AAUP Stands Against the Ban

Dear Colleagues,

Those of you who are members of the AAUP likely received an email from Rudy Fichtenbaum, president of the national AAUP, strongly opposing Donald Trump’s ban on entry into the United States for people from certain Muslim-majority countries.

In solidarity with the national organization, the PSU-AAUP affirms its strong support for our students, faculty, and staff of all faiths from home and from abroad. We stand alongside all PSU community members in sharing our institution’s stated values, one of which is “the rights and dignity of all people.” We stand alongside all PSU community members in maintaining the atmosphere of mutual respect and compassion necessary to foster learning for all. To international students who may be feeling vulnerable or uncertain about their status and their future: we stand with you.

I have personally signed the AAUP’s “Stand Against the Ban,” and I encourage all of you to consider joining me. You can read and sign the petition here (note that you do not need to be a member of the AAUP to sign):


You can read the text of AAUP’s statement here:


In Solidarity,

–Jeremiah Duncan

President, Plymouth State University Chapter of the American Association of University Professors

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