About Us

From the days of Plymouth Normal School to today’s Plymouth State University, Plymouth faculty have been dedicated stewards of the institution and its students. We and our predecessors have guided the curriculum through decades of change and growth. We are proud to provide excellent teaching, scholarship, and service for the benefit of our students and our wider community.

Here are the elected and appointed leadership of the Plymouth State University AAUP:


Executive Committee (elected)
Jeremiah Duncan (President)
Evelyn Stiller (Vice President)
Anne Jung-Matthews (Secretary)
John Kulig (Treasurer)
Chris Chabot (at-large)
Rebecca Noel (at-large)

Communication Committee (appointed)
Cathie LeBlanc (Chair)
Scott Coykendall


Negotiating Committee 
Scott Coykendall (Lead Negotiator)
Elizabeth Ahl
Ann McClellan
Alice Pearman
Justin Wright
Elliott Gruner (Alternate)

Workload Committee
Anne Jung-Mathews (Chair)
Chris Chabot
Kate Harrington
Elisabeth Johnston
Becky Noel
Mike Son

Shared Governance/Academic Freedom/Intellectual Property Committee
Katie Herzig (Chair)
Sean Collins
Wendy Palmquist
Filiz Rhum
Jonathan Santore
Sheryl Shirley

Promotion, Tenure, & Evaluation/Grievance Committee
Pat Cantor (Chair)
Cathie LeBlanc
Gary McCool
Hilary Swank
Nick Sevigney
Clarissa Uttley

Professional Development Committee
Dave Mackey (Chair)
Lisa Doner
Brian Eisenhauer
Sue Swope

Compensation/Benefits Committee
John Kulig (Chair)
Jeremiah Duncan
Paul Fedorchak
Stephen Flynn


(Header image courtesy of Cappi Thompson)

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