We are the the Plymouth State University chapter of the American Association of University Professors, a union of tenure-track professors at Plymouth State University in Plymouth, NH. We have been a collective bargaining unit since April, 2016, and our first collective bargaining agreement (CBA) went into effect on July 1, 2018.

From the days of Plymouth Normal School to today’s Plymouth State University, Plymouth faculty have been dedicated stewards of the institution and its students. We and our predecessors have guided the curriculum through decades of change and growth. We are proud to provide excellent teaching, scholarship, and service for the benefit of our students and our wider community.

Here are the elected and appointed members of leadership for the Plymouth State University AAUP:

Executive Committee

Nic Helms (President*)
Anne Jung-Mathews (Vice President*)
Matthew Cheney (Secretary*)
Alice Pearman (Treasurer*)
Jennifer Kamorowski (At-Large*)
Rebecca Noel (At-Large*)
Elliott Gruner (Past President)
Mark Fischler (Grievance Committee chair)
Liz Ahl (Communications Committee Chair, non-voting)

*Elected position

Communications Committee

Liz Ahl (Chair)

Robin DeRosa, Rep. to the New Hampshire Public Faculty Coalition

Contract Research Team

Mike Davidson (Chair)

Membership Action Committee

Anne Jung-Mathews (Chair)

Contact Us

President: president@plymouth-aaup.org

Other inquiries: communications@plymouth-aaup.org

17 High Street MSC 47

Plymouth NH 03264