During another semester deeply affected by COVID-19, the PSU-AAUP would like to extend its gratitude to the staff and faculty who are going above and beyond their job descriptions to care for our students and each other. We express our solidarity with everyone on (and off) campus. From faculty to staff to students, from in-person to remote workers, we are all overextended due to the extra work we’ve been shouldering. 

At the same time, we continue to face dwindling numbers in our staff and faculty ranks, as we notice the emptier parking lots, empty offices, and lonesome break rooms. The PSU-AAP will continue to advocate for labor equity for all campus constituents, strive to develop a caring and compassionate work environment, and educate our community about how employee wellness supports our key mission of serving students. By working together, we can get back some of the PSU that is our favorite place to work and to learn.