PSU Faculty Are Here For You
Is PSU Here For Us?

Plymouth State has a long, proud tradition of committed teachers working tirelessly with students. We care about our current and former students.

We want you to hear about what’s happening at PSU from a perspective other than that of administrators and public relations offices.

The leaders of the university will tell you things are good.

But the PSU administration is dragging contract negotiations with the PSU-AAUP out because they insist on paying people less and making them work more. This is obviously not good for faculty — but overworked and underpaid faculty are not good for students, either!

We think there are some questions you are entitled to ask about your school.

PSU faculty salaries are lower than the mean for our comparator institutions, and those salaries have not kept up with inflation for the last five years. How does this help us attract and retain qualified teachers?

When PSU reminds you of all you learned here... ...ask why entire majors have been eliminated despite super-majority votes of the faculty to keep them.
When PSU declares it is doing all it can to deal with a budget crisis... ...ask how many administrators get five-figure bonuses on top of their six-figure salaries.

Spending on wages for upper administration has increased at a greater rate than spending on instruction.

Think about the teachers who have most supported you as a student. You can support them now by asking the administration to treat its employees’ needs with the care and generosity we all know to be the Plymouth spirit.

No staff or faculty work at Plymouth State to get rich.

We would like, though, not to see our wages and benefits sink lower and lower while the cost of living keeps going up.

Our working conditions are students’ learning conditions.

PSU Faculty Are Stuck Without a New Contract

For more on the PSU faculty struggle for a fair contract, please see our most recent bargaining update. You may be surprised at how USNH "values" its employees.

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