Why Join PSU-AAUP Now?

So that the faculty will have a stronger voice. The PSU-AAUP Negotiating Team is in the process of bargaining our contract with the administration. The PSU-AAUP Negotiating Team needs the leverage provided by an active and united membership. While we ended last semester with a majority of the faculty as members, more must join for all of the faculty’s goals to be achieved. Waiting to join until the contract is up for a vote means a weaker contract to vote on. Unity leads to a better Plymouth State for everyone.

 What are we trying to gain through collective bargaining?

  1. A fair workload that allows us to mentor our students. The number one concern expressed by faculty on a survey we administered last year was workload. The Workload Research Committee, working with the Bargaining Caucus, developed a set of transparent and fair mechanisms to articulate a faculty member’s workload in a consistent manner across campus.
  2. Transparency and clear expectations. Our primary concern is to create a work environment in which all policies are transparent, fair, and consistent. These policies will hold everyone – the faculty and the administration – accountable. A clear set of standards, along with mechanisms to resolve issues, eliminates confusion and reduces conflict.
  3. Strategic decisions should be made in a collaborative process between the administration and the faculty. Faculty, who have daily experience with the educational needs of today’s students and who have dedicated their careers to THIS institution, are the long-term stewards of the university, and we want to continue PSU’s long tradition of faculty shared governance. Many AAUP contracts have standard articles that protect the faculty’s role in shared governance and the faculty’s control over academic issues. But the administration refuses to bargain for such language in our contract.
  4. Fair salaries that allow us to attract and retain quality, student-focused faculty. The data supplied to us by the administration show we have long been significantly behind our comparator institutions, as well as our sister institutions within the USNH System, in terms of salary and benefits. That’s why we proposed a reasonable plan to make Plymouth State University more competitive in hiring and retaining quality faculty over time. We believe the salary and benefit disparities are the result of years of devaluing the contributions of faculty and staff to the success of the University. We know we are unlikely to make up the difference in this first contract but we are working to decrease the disparity.

Joining the AAUP: A voice. Excellence. Tradition. Competitive salaries. Fairness.

Join now: https://actionnetwork.org/fundraising/join-the-aaup-monthly

Find out more about the Plymouth chapter: https://plymouth-aaup.org/