Plymouth Area Democrats

Members of the Plymouth-AAUP Executive Committee will attend the monthly meeting of the Plymouth Area Democrats on Wednesday, October 18, 5:30pm at the Plymouth Regional Senior Center to discuss the work of our chapter. Please join them!

In addition to the Executive Committee members’ short presentation, Plymouth-AAUP member Dr. Filiz Ruhm, associate professor of political science at Plymouth State University, will be the featured speaker. She will be talking about the President’s visitor/refugee ban, changes to it over the last eight months, and consequences of the ban.

Dr. Ruhm’s focus is on human rights, global issues, and diversity. She has taught such courses as Refugee and Forced Migration, Terrorism and Counter-Terrorism, Politics and Conflict in the Middle East, and Model United Nations.

Dr. Ruhm served as the chair of PSU’s Internationalization Task Force and is currently the co-chair of Peace and Social Justice Studies Council, Sidore Lecture Series Organizing Committee and Society for Scholarly Dialogue as they focus on developing a list of factors, knowledge, skills, and attitudes that prepare students to participate responsibly in today’s increasing global society.

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