March 30 & April 6 Bargaining Recaps

The AAUP and administration’s negotiating teams met twice since Spring Break (and plan to meet again this afternoon).

At our March 30 meeting, here is what we discussed:

  • Article: Evaluation, Promotion, and Tenure (AAUP)
    Status We presented a proposal that is very similar to the current P,T, & E policies developed by the P,T, & E task force. The main changes were to clarify criteria, remove the pre-tenure meeting with the Dean, and to remove the need for an outside reviewer for promotion to full professor. The AAUP’s position on the latter is that, as a teaching institution, there is not sufficient time in our workload given to scholarship to merit an outside reviewer, and those reviews are currently used inconsistently across various departments. The ANT offered to clarify the purpose and procedure of the pre-tenure meeting with the Dean in their upcoming counter-proposal.
  • Article:  Personnel Files (AAUP counter)
     We continue to discuss this proposal. The ANT again responded to our questions and concerns at the previous session by clarifying some language. Our ongoing concern remains that the ANT is proposing that unsolicited letters can be included in our personnel files. However, at this meeting, we discussed a possible compromise that may satisfy concerns that unfounded or inaccurate letters could be stored in the personnel files while creating a process whereby legitimate complaints will be part of the record. We will continue to negotiate on this and other points.
  • Article:  Union Rights (AAUP counter)
     We continue to discuss this proposal. The ANT explained that faculty lists might not be complete by the deadline we had requested them so we arrived at compromise language. They needed time to think over our request for an office for the AAUP. We will continue to negotiate on this and other points (see below for further discussion on April 6).


At our April 6 meeting, here is what we discussed:

  • Article: Professional Development Funds (AAUP)
    Status We presented a proposal that reflects faculty wishes as expressed in our Fall bargaining priorities survey. Most importantly, we asked for $1500 in professional development for every faculty member ($2500 for faculty in their first two years) and a rollover system that would allow faculty to keep unused money and therefore budget for more expensive projects or international conferences. We also asked that the Deans and RAC continue to have a budget for faculty professional development/research. The ANT had questions about how the money would be disbursed, what it could be used on, and which sources (individual/Deans/RAC) we prioritized.
  • Article: Professional Development Sabbatical & Other Leaves (AAUP)
    Status We presented a proposal that articulates the status quo on leaves, with the exception that it clarified unpaid leaves. The ANT had no further questions/
  • Article:  Union Rights (ANT counter)
     We clarified some language around faculty lists and the ANT asked that we remove the condition that an AAUP office would have to be in an academic building as long as it was in Plymouth. We agreed and will likely sign a tentative agreement on this today.

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