PSU-AAUP Research and Technology Grants

PSU AAUP will proudly be offering research and technology grant opportunities.

What is the Plymouth State University Scholarship Committee?

This committee is responsible for awarding Scholarship and Technology grants to the PSU community. The committee consists of at least three AAUP faculty members in good standing, appointed by the AAUP President as needed. Committee members will be responsible for granting the following two scholarships/grants, made possible by PSU-AAUP Membership Dues.

What technology is offered?

The AAUP Jeremiah Duncan Computer Scholarship

This program provides refurbished laptop computers from University surplus to students who find themselves without a functioning laptop or the means to get one. The program functions during regular semesters of the academic year. Students may apply at any time to the Scholarship Committee using this form. Awards will be reviewed and made on a rolling basis after application by student and confirmation by advisor. 

Advisors will confirm student need and recommend students for this award according to their own judgment. The committee will convene on an ad hoc basis and send recommendations to the AAUP President for final decision. After the first year, during which we have budgeted for a maximum of ten awards, we will reassess need and resources and adjust accordingly.

Complete this form if you are student in immediate need of a laptop:

AAUP Laptop Scholarship

Shared Governance Research/Project Grants

AAUP will also provide support in the form of financial awards to faculty and staff who propose projects connected to shared governance, working conditions, support of public higher education, academic freedom, and other relevant areas of inquiry and advocacy. For the 2022-23 year, PSU-AAUP will provide up to four grants of $500 each.

We are currently interested in proposals relating to the following:

-Researching the value of faculty and staff experience and institutional knowledge

-Researching academic freedom in New Hampshire with regard to educational gag orders 

-Creating and implementing plans to mobilize community and government outreach to promote public higher education in New Hampshire/New England

Please fill out this form to submit your application. Applications will be reviewed and made on a rolling basis.

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